Innovative Founders

HYPvideo’s founders, Bob Palmer and David Cook have spent over 25 years in the advertising industry as agency creative directors, and entrepreneurs in the digital world.

Working across all disciplines and media in a variety of sectors – from leisure and automotive, to publishing and finance – they remain fleet footed, hungry and innovative in their approach to every brief. 

Brand Focused

Very few production outfits bridge the gap between agency and production company the way HYPvideo does. Because few production outfits have the ad agency experience and brand focus.

It means we work a proposition and a market with expertise and a deftness of touch.

Diverse Talent

Our other point of difference is the HYPvideo talent base. We can call on a wide resource of award-winning and emerging filmmakers, the result of our 10 years’ extensive engagement with them, through advertising projects, competitions and, more recently, feature film funding and production. 

At HYPvideo we’ve produced over 500 videos, competitions and campaigns.  From narrative promos to stunning sci-fi CGI and grab ‘em by the throat direct response. From charity stories to social videos for apps. And we work right through from concept to broadcast, whichever media channel.

Working Together

So what kind of service can you expect from HYPvideo? A magic mix of advertising know-how, carefully micro-managed productions, curated crowdsourcing and high production values, to ensure that every frame counts and every budget is maximised. 

Oh. And you get a great bunch of people to work with! Let’s get started here.

About Us